Elisa Rosenthal | Gertrude Street Yoga
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Elisa Rosenthal

Elisa has been a devoted Yoga practitioner for over ten years and sees the practice as an intimate relationship with the body, spirit and the natural world. Her teaching is deeply influenced by Tantric philosophy and she believes in the power of the breath and its ability to connect you to the deepest, darkest corners of yourself.


In addition to teaching yoga Elisa is also a certified Reiki energy healer and has been incorporating this technique into her own yoga practice for several years. Elisa practices this modality with a twist, she incorporates her experience working with the Chakra systems and is inspired by Yogic philosophy, tarot and the healing properties of crystals and essential oils.

Yoga with Elisa

Elisa has a love for keeping movement slow and spacious, providing the time and stillness to really experience each subtle change in the body. Through building this intimacy with the body and spirit she hopes to give her students the opportunity to ask meaningful questions, cultivate a sense of empowerment and embrace who they are inside and out in the world.


Open and honest communication with her students is something she cherishes and applies this in her teaching as much as she can. Establishing trust and inclusivity is something she values deeply and it is her priority to offer safe and guided opportunities to experience the practices in your own body as a way to cultivate a sense of authority and empowerment.

Energy Healing with Elisa

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality which has been shared for over 2,000 years. This practice works with the energy fields around the body and involves the intentional transfer of Universal energy through the palms of the practitioner. This modality treats the entire being; body, mind, emotions and spirit.


It is common for energy to stagnate within the body where there has been injury or emotional pain, creating an imbalance or blockage in the subtle body. This modality can improve the flow of energy around and within the body and can enable a deeper state of relaxation, promote healing and recovery and reduce other symptoms of illness. The other benefits of Reiki may include greater emotional balance, and emotional well-being as well as greater harmony within.


What to expect in a session

Elisa will welcome you into a peaceful, private setting, set with intention. The session will begin with conversation around what to expect, and what you may require in your unique state of being. During the session you will lay facing up, fully clothed, on a massage table and will be guided into a gentle meditation to make yourself as comfortable as possible.


The session may be hands-on, placing hands on certain areas of the body, or hands above-hovering hands over the body, if you prefer. From this point all that is required of you is to relax and receive. The session may call for inhaling the aroma of essential oils, or the use of crystals around the body, depending on the moment. Overall, the intention is for you to relax, receive support and be held in a safe and peaceful environment to create the opportunity for balance within the energetic body and nervous system.