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Meet our team of highly trained, well respected, and much loved practitioners.


Some practitioners take their own bookings in which case their contact details are listed, other practitioners take bookings directly through our Mindbody system. If you are a member be sure you’re subscribed to our emails to receive special monthly discounts.

Hannah Campos

Zenthai Shiatsu

ZenThai Shiatsu is a fusion of Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Osteopathic Techniques. It is a truly holistic practice, merging traditional eastern therapies with modern practices to promote deep relaxation and restoration.

A session with Hannah begins with a chat to create an aligned intention and a diagnosis utilizing traditional chinese medicine techniques. The bodywork is practiced fully clothed on a mat on the floor and engages both the structural systems of the body as well as the energetic (meridian) systems of the body. These sessions are holistic and support your whole person wellbeing, meaning that they can be useful if you have physical discomfort or pain, are experiencing other lifestyle difficulties like fatigue, digestive issues, and insomia among others, or simply want to relax and feel restored. Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs and support you in the best way possible.

60min: $95
90min: $135


About Hannah
Hannah is a ZenThai Shiatsu therapist, yoga teacher, co-owner of Gertrude Street Yoga with her husband Jaspah and mom to Neesa. Growing up with a mom who practiced shiatu massage and yoga, Hannah has always been interested in bodywork and appreciated the power of eastern healing modalities. She first pursued this interest through teaching yoga and continues to do so in yoga classes, trainings, and one on one sessions. Always curious to explore bodywork but never seeming to connect with the perfect modality, she fully resonated with the philosophy and techniques of ZenThai Shiatsu when she discovered it in 2017 and was inspired to complete their therapist program.


Instagram: @hannahcampos

Facebook: Hannah Campos Yoga

Nancy Campos

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a sleep based guided meditation which allows the body to deeply restore itself and balance excess stress. Using body, breath and awareness techniques the client is able to move from thinking and doing, to feeling and being.It is said that 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as restorative as several hours of sleep.Sessions are received lying down on a yoga mat, using whatever props will contribute to making the client warm and comfortable. Blankets, bolsters, and eye masks are made available and will contribute to the client’s comfort and stillness during the session. There is no physical touch given during a Yoga Nidra session. The energy and voice of the facilitator guides the client to enter profoundly deep states of consciousness.Nancy facilitates private Yoga Nidra sessions for 1-3 people.


60min – $90


Reiki assists the body’s natural ability to balance and restore itself at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life force energy.” This traditional “laying on of the hands” healing art technique has been practiced throughout history; it was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui Sensei of Japan in the 1920’s.Reiki sessions are received on a massage table with clothes on. Reiki is a gentle hands-on and hands-above the body relaxation technique that promotes stress-reduction, health and healing. The practitioner acts as the vehicle through which Reiki flows. Reiki, the energy itself, is the healer.


60min – $90


The Tarot is a visual map of consciousness and a symbolic system that offers insight into the professional contribution, personal motives, and spiritual development of each individual.  As a map of consciousness, the Tarot represents a facet of the total life experience incorporating the “practical-everyday world” with the spiritual growth and evolution of each person.
— A. Arrien


Nancy has used and studied Tarot for many years and approaches the cards as symbols from a psychological, mythological, and cross-cultural perspective. Just as psychological and spiritual information is revealed to us in dreams or contemplative states, the Tarot functions as an outer mirror of external experiences and internal psychological states as well. The Tarot deck that Nancy uses was illustrated by Lady Freida Harris, and it reveals the universal principles that are experienced cross culturally, not only from a Western perspective.

The foundation of Nancy’s work with Tarot is the belief that the symbols found on each Tarot card function as a way that the mind and heart can be opened to the wonder of what is going on with the individual, internally and externally at that moment in time.

Nancy offers several different types of Tarot consultations, and it is necessary to have a short phone call with her to discuss which best suits one’s needs and interests.


60min – $90


About Nancy

Nancy is a life-long student and practitioner of the healing arts. She offers  Yoga Nidra, Reiki, and Tarot consultations. Her belief that the body-mind-spirit contains the wisdom to balance and heal itself informs all her work.

Nancy came of age in the late 1960’s and early 70’s in California. Being outside at the ocean or hiking in the mountains always provided profound experiences for her and allowed for greater connection between her personal inner world and the greater, all encompassing energy that surrounds everything that exists, visible and invisible.

Over the years, she has studied psychology, body mechanics, deep tissue massage, shiatsu massage, yoga, astrology, tarot, herbology, and Steiner Education.

These days Nancy mostly works with people on an energetic level although  she always loved the more physical massage work, and is forever grateful for all that she has learned about the wonders of the human form. The greatest gift she has received and nurtured over the years is the awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection and the huge part Breath plays in uniting them.  Her joy is helping others to find balance, integration and peace within their own body-mind-spirit.


Degrees & Areas of Study
Certified  Amrit Method Yoga Nidra practitioner
Reiki Master (studied with Allison Eaton)
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
Shiatsu massage certificate
Massage Therapy certificate
Studied Tarot (with Angeles Arrien)
Certified Steiner School Teacher
Completed Masters Level coursework in Body Psychology at University for Humanistic Studies in California (worked under the mentorship of Ed Maupin)
Bachelor of Arts Degree University of California

Adam Lee

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a holistic body experience that allows body and mind to fully unwind and removes tensions that get stored in the muscles and body systems.

Hands on body, natural hot oil, essential aromas and soft acoustics are all part of this holistic full body and mind relaxation.

Adam’s massage is designed to heal and relax and includes elements of Reiki and intuitive touch to provide an all of body relaxation experience.

Adam is Certificate IV Massage therapy certified.


60 min $70

90 min $90



Reiki is a Japanese word representing “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki was brought to the world in the early 20th century by Dr Mikao Usui, and was known as the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki is a “hands-on” natural healing therapy that allows the body to relax, release blocked energy, restore and self-heal. Universal Life Energy flows through the practitioner’s hands and moves to the recipient to awaken the natural body energy flow and healing processes.

Adam provides Reiki in a relaxed and comfortable setting on a massage table.

It is received fully clothed with light hands-on body and above body.

Adam is a first degree Reiki 1 practitioner, certified through the Usui Reiki lineage.


60 min $70

90 min $90


Stop Smoking Consultation 

Tobacco and nicotine are toxic substances that make people poorer financially and depletes health.

The battlefield for stopping smoking is the mind – truth, knowledge and guidance is the key to easily stop.

First working on himself and being an ex-smoker now for over 10 years, Adam has developed a method that has proven to work in helping people stop smoking.


The smoke-free consultation service  includes:

  • Individual, personalised and non- judgemental consultation (face to face or online)
  • Explores the reasons you smoke nicotine
  • Debunks the myths around smoking
  • Provides powerful advice and support techniques to ensure you stop; and
  • Stay stopped without replacement drugs or hypnosis.

Guaranteed to help anyone who smokes or uses nicotine/tobacco or suffers relapse anxiety. Adam’s smoke-free session will save you thousands of $ dollars $ and most importantly, improve your health.


$90 for 90 minutes initial consultation 

$50 per follow-up consultation, if required 


About Adam

Adam is a certified Massage and Reiki therapist. Having a passion for holistic wellness of body and mind, Adam’s goal is simply for people to leave feeling better and much more relaxed than when they walked in.

Certified IV Massage Therapist, 2007- MCPT and first degree Reiki practitioner.



Book via email: [email protected]com

Book via mobile text: 0429228077

Lucia D'Alessandro

Chakra Healing with Crystals

The Chakra system acts as a bridge between our physical layer and our emotional and mental layers. These energetic vortices (the chakras) are the entry gates to our aura (energetic field) and when they are blocked energy does not flow harmoniously through the nadis (energetic channels), creating imbalances at many levels.

The blockages can be a result of unconscious false beliefs, traumas, injuries, among other things.

The healing crystals and stones are gifts from the earth that help restore balance and harmony in our energy field by amplifying the universal light energy that is always available for us. They assist in allowing energy to flow harmoniously through the chakras by drawing in, releasing and refracting light energy as needed.


What to expect from a session?

This sessions are received on a massage table with clothes on. Crystals will be placed gently in specific areas of your body and you will receive a soft hands-on and hands-above touch as well. All that is required from you is to stay open, receptive and honest to yourself. You might feel a broad spectrum of different sensations, like warmth, tingling, weightlessness, seeing colours or lights. But everyone is different and with it’s own sensitivity range, so trust your own healing process. The practitioner and the crystals act as vehicles for the energy to flow in a balanced way, helping you to connect with your own healing power and the natural healer that you are.


$130 for a 60 minute session


Tarot Session

It is an ancient and sacred symbolic language that accompanies and helps the development of a being in its process of self-knowledge. We use the secret message of the symbols to allow your unconscious to speak and thus emerge into consciousness what perhaps was not being integrated by you. And so we can ‘see’ and light up those parts that were in the shadows.

We work with the Major & Minor Arcana, which respond to different universal archetypes that invite you to immerse yourself in a perception that goes beyond the rational, and that connects you with your intuitive and sensitive world.

Archetypes are symbols that are alive in the collective unconscious and that tell us about the different dimensions of consciousness. They serve as a guide and map for your inner universe, re-linking what was fragmented.


What to expect from a session?

There are many ‘spreads’ and various ways of approaching the session. Usually, we start with a short meditation to tune in with yourself and with the sacred space that we’re co-creating together. Followed by the ‘why’ is it that you are consulting. Maybe you don’t know, and you simply felt attracted or interested or felt the call to reach out and connect to these symbols. This is a safe space for you to open, expressing your needs and see how together with the energy of the cards, you are guided through the path of manifesting your desires.

During the meeting, a synchronic relationship unfolds where the symbols that appear have an intimate relationship with what you’re going through. And so it is that a psychic movement begins to bring to consciousness what was forgotten or rejected, in an alchemical process of integration.


$130 for a 60 minute session



Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0433635309

Instagram: @lucydaless

Website: www.luciadalessandro.com