Prenatal Yoga | Gertrude Street Yoga
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Prenatal Yoga

Why practice Prenatal Yoga?

Pregnancy is a time of great change. Your body has a limited time to grow a tiny human, an extra organ, deal with the changes to your hormonal makeup, shift your centre of gravity, and increase your blood flow by an extra quarter. This is all before we take into account the mental, emotional, and spiritual shifts that happen in order to accommodate a new family member and the beginning of a new journey.


Prenatal yoga at GSY can support you through this time of transition by providing nurturing and supportive classes that go far beyond the exclusion of poses contraindicated for pregnancy. We include a whole list of poses/ movements and information which will enhance your pregnancy journey and promote a deeper level of connection and understanding for yourself, your baby and your shared journey.


Each class will be individually themed, some of these themes will address:


  • How to avoid pregnancy complications
  • How to strengthen your body for the demands of motherhood
  • Gaining some flexibility in preparation for birth
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation
  • Positions for relaxation
  • How to avoid common Postnatal complications
  • Practical tips and education on what you can do at home
  • Building connections and community

Meet Your Prenatal Yoga Teachers

Bonnie Maplestone

Bonnie is always looking for deep understanding and connection with herself, the world around her, and the people she shares that world with.


“Being a teacher was my calling, yoga and people are my passions, so naturally I decided to become a yoga teacher.” – Bonnie


Bonnie combines her double bachelor in Osteopathy, her experience as a doula, and her 20 + years of yoga teaching to keep every class personal and tailored to the individual mothers. Every woman’s body is different and every pregnancy is different so every one of Bonnie’s yoga classes is different.


Learn more about Bonnie

Indrani Parker

Indrani is a yoga teacher, birth worker (birth doula and evolving postnatal doula), mother and movement practitioner.


She is deeply motivated by being of service to others and the wider community, and cultivating safe, accessible and nurturing spaces where people can explore and express themselves freely.  She is a trained birth Doula who also offers postpartum support in the home for birthing people and their families, has a degree in Dance and Arts in Education and a Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counselling, and as completed over 700 hours of vinyasa, yin, pre and postnatal and trauma informed yoga training.


As a trauma informed movement facilitator and support person, she is excited and grateful to be able to connect with community through choice-based embodiment practices so that we may all further cultivate our intuition, sense of self, agency and deep inner knowing.


Learn more about Indrani

Prenatal yoga anjali mudra

Book Your Class

Prenatal classes can be attended on any of our regular pricing options including our $7 Intro Offer, $99 Intro Offer, $25 drop in class, memberships and passes.