Nat Atkins | Gertrude Street Yoga
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Nat Atkins

Nat is an Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga teacher and intuitive healer: passionate about facilitating natural, integrated healing of the body, mind, emotion and spirit.


Nat started practicing yoga in her teens and in her twenties and soon experienced the profound benefits of yoga and Ayurveda while overcoming anxiety, depression, chronic gut imbalance and the other impacts of stress.


Around 10 years ago the transformational impacts she experienced from yoga and Ayurveda lead Nat to leave her corporate job behind and commence a journey facilitating healing for others. Now in her 40’s, Nat lives close to nature in the Dandenong Ranges with her family, and offers integrated health services in Selby and Fitzroy.

Ayurvedic Coaching

In an Ayurvedic coaching session we explore your current and past health concerns, diet, lifestyle, physical characteristics, and family history to determine the root of any symptoms or imbalances.


What does the process look like?

Ayurvedic Assessment consisting of a 15 minute online form (sent after booking) and one 1.5 hour consultation.


Ayurvedic Remedial Plan delivered prior to the second consultation summarising your Ayurvedic diagnosis and recommended remedies.


Ayurvedic Coaching to support you in the implementation of the recommended remedies. Depending on the complexity of your symptoms of imbalances, coaching begins in the initial session and is reinforced in subsequent sessions. A minimum of 2 sessions is required (booked a maximum of 14 days apart) and ongoing sessions are optional.


What is the investment?
Initial Assessment 1.5 hours $180
Subsequent sessions 45 min to 1 hour $80
Please book both the initial and second session within two weeks of each other.

Abhyanga – Oil Massage

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic Massage of the whole body using specific pressure, strokes, and warm oil chosen for your Dosha (State of Balance). In addition to the massage this session also includes a short consultation and herbal incense for clearing.


What are the benefits of Abhyanga?


Balancing your Dosha
Relieving stress and relaxation
Improving circulation to aid detoxification (blood & lymph)
Releasing energy and emotional blockages
Aiding in the healing of acute or chronic soft tissue injury or trauma


What is the investment?
1 hour – $100
1.5 hour – $140

Shirodhara – Continuous Oil Pouring

Shirodhara is a traditional Ayurvedic body therapy involving the continuous flow of warm oil onto the head. A shirodhara session also includes a short consultation (to determine suitability), Abhyanga (warm oil massage), and herbal incense for clearing.


What are the benefits of Shirodhara?
Balancing your Dosha (state of balance)
Relieving stress and anxiety
Calming the nervous system

Potentially creating a deep meditative state beneficial to the limbic system and
spiritual healing


What is the investment?
1 hour  – $120
2 hours – $200

Kati Basti

Kati Basti is the localised treatment of a sports injury (acute) or chronic pain with a deep pool of warm oil to stimulate repair and ease pain. A Kati Basti session includes a short consultation, Abhyanga (warm oil massage) and herbal incense for clearing.


What is the investment?
1 hour – $120
2 hours – $200

Intuitive Healing

Ideal to break through stubborn barriers to vitality in the body, mind and spirit, an intuitive healing session uses various bodywork and somatic therapies depending on your needs. This session is most effective when combined with an Ayurvedic Assessment.


What could a session look like?
Welcome with herbal tea/cacao and herbal incense for cleansing.
Breathwork and/or tapping to arrive into presence
Abhyanga, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Kati Basti or Shirodhara (see individual service info)

Restorative or Ayurvedic Yin Yoga
Vedic Counseling
Closing ceremony with goal setting


What is the investment?
2 hours $200
3 hours $280