Joanna Nation | Gertrude Street Yoga
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Joanna Nation

Joanna is a dedicated yoga teacher and yoga therapist who integrates traditional eastern healing modalities with a western medical understanding. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, a formal qualification in Counselling and has spent two decades exploring Yoga, meditation and somatic movement, enriching her knowledge with more than 1500 hours of professional training both internationally and locally.


Joanna offers 1:1 Holistic Health consultations which, as a degree-qualified and registered herbalist (NHAA), combine her understanding of human biology with evidence-based research, along with utilising the wisdom of plant medicine and other traditional eastern healing modalities.


She also offers Kundalini Yoga Therapy with 1:1 sessions and group courses, bringing the ancient practices and wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and an understanding of healthy behaviors as important components of full health recovery.

Holistic Health Consultations

Recognising we are all unique and may require varying methods along our journey of wellness, Joanna provides personalised treatments which may encompass; different styles of Yoga including mantra and meditation practices, Qi Gong and the 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Counselling with a bio-psycho-social focus; Australian Bush Flower Essences; along with Western Herbal Medicine. Subsequent sessions may involve checking in on the last prescription, talking through how the initial concern may have resolved/ evolved and any other issues that may have arisen in the meantime.
Joanna’s aim as a clinical herbalist and health practitioner is to deliver holistic health remedies for optimal functioning of the mind-body-spirit system. Her focus is on:


  • Identifying & managing the underlying cause of the presenting condition
  • Supporting the body’s innate healing ability & vital energy
  • Alleviating suffering & optimising wellness
  • Further prevention of dis-ease or illness
  • Client autonomy & individualised care


The first session is a chance to get to know each other and your presenting complaint; information on your medical & family history, a ‘typical day’ for you plus specific details about your health concern will be gained. A review of your body systems and discussion around work, sleep, diet & lifestyle further paints the picture of how all the different aspects of your being may be interacting to create your symptoms and condition. Joanna will then provide her holistic understanding and explain how some of the elements you’ve shared are contributing, aiming to educate you on the interactions of our body’s systems and physiology, plus effects of diet and lifestyle choices. She will then send you your treatment plan and schedule your follow up session.

New Clients

Your initial booking with Joanna includes 2 sessions: 1x 75 minute initial session (booked now) & 1x 45 minute follow up session (booked later). The sessions together cost $210 (paid at the first session).

Existing Clients

Ongoing consultations  with Joanna are 45 minutes and can be paid for one at a time ($105 per session) or paid for 2 at a time ($85 per session). If you pay for 2 at a time they must be booked within 4 months of each other.

Kundalini Yoga Therapy

Kundalini Yoga Therapy (KYT) supports individuals to manage their own health using the principles of yoga developed within a professional therapeutic relationship. Ill health and chronic health conditions are often compounded by multiple contributing factors. For this reason, yoga therapy engages in a holistic approach to assist an individual’s health and recovery, and will usually encompass the wellbeing of the whole person rather than focusing on a single condition. KYT works to transform your health by bringing hope and self- empowerment.


Kundalini Yoga Therapists impart their knowledge and skill via 1:1 consultations, thorough case-taking and individualised treatment plans alongside group sessions and guided support. Understanding that it takes more than medicine to get well, KYT is an emerging and growing field that unites ancient yogic methods with modern medicine to help individuals regain their health and well-being in a holistic manner.


KYT sessions are booked and paid for in packs of 4 ($300). If you are a new client please book your initial 60 minute session below and at that session Joanna will discuss with you the scheduling of the following 3. If after the first session you choose not to continue you will be charged $100 for the single session.


Exisiting clients can book their prepaid sessions below.

Yoga with Joanna

Joanna’s approach as a yoga & movement facilitator is grounded and intuitive as she encourages gentle self-enquiry throughout the journey of a class.


Continually absorbing and learning as a student herself brings an authentic depth of knowledge to her classes as a facilitator. Her wish is to provide a nurturing, uplifting space for self-awareness, personal growth and understanding, thus giving rise for each of us to be in reciprocal relationship with others and our environment.


Teaching Hatha Yoga since 2013, Kundalini Yoga and Qi Gong from 2017 and Yin Yoga from 2018, Joanna is happy knowing she will always be expanding her knowledge and providing a place for others to expand and learn as well.

What is a Clinical Herbalist?
Clinical herbalists have studied the therapeutic activity of plants and plant constituents. Combining an understanding of conventional and complementary medicine with the application of medicinal herbs, they apply scientific reasoning for the solutions to a range of health problems.Through a holistic lens, clinical herbalists embrace centuries of empirical knowledge and traditional principles in the usage of plant medicine whilst also evaluating both herbal action and human pathology, keeping up to date with evidence-based research.


What are some conditions you may wish to explore treatment for with Joanna?
  • asthma & allergies
  • arthritis & joint pain
  • headache & migraine
  • autoimmune disorders
  • heart & circulatory conditions
  • insomnia & stress related issues
  • colds/ flu & immune system issues
  • anxiety, depression & other mental conditions
  • psoriasis, eczema, acne & other skin conditions
  • gastrointestinal disorders such as ‘leaky gut’ & IBS
  • premenstrual syndrome, menopause & other menstrual conditions
  • digestive problems including bloating, heartburn/ reflux, eliminating issues