Full Body Prana | Gertrude Street Yoga
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Full Body Prana

The premise of this training might challenge your existing beliefs about breathing. It’s possible you’ve never encountered the idea of breathing less during your yoga practice.  This training is going to be different from other breath trainings. You won’t rote learn techniques with a list of benefits and effects.


The “Full Body Prana” training approach is an immersive exploration of respiratory science, examining breath from various dimensions including biochemical, bio-mechanical, and psycho-physiological. This multi-dimensional understanding will empower you to fine-tune what you practice and teach, to effectively target each dimension of breath.


Together, we will embark on an exploration of pranayama and functional breathing, guided by insights from the Vedic texts, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika. This harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge aims to honor the authentic roots of pranayama and bring us closer to the teachings as they were originally intended.


Demystify pranayama. Practice with confidence. Fine-tune with skill.


If you’ve ever felt bewildered by the intricacies of pranayama, perplexed by the conflicting advice on breath techniques, or perhaps you haven’t experienced the profound benefits as described in the texts, then this training is tailor-made for you. We’ll demystify the science of respiratory physiology, and use it enhance our comprehensive understanding of the ancient wisdom in simple, practical, step-by-step segments.


My aim is for this training and the practices we delve into, is to make you feel included in a ‘club’ that you may have previously felt excluded from. As you invest your time and effort, you’ll come to realise that the deep states of mental calm, once thought to be exclusive to ancient yogis, are within your reach too.



Facilitated by Brooke Elliston


July 26-28

(Friday Saturday Sunday)



(with a lunch break)


$997 full price (payment plan available)

20% discount GSY members

10% discount GSY 200hr graduates

Ready to sign up?


Join our 25 hour Pranayama Immersion with Brooke Elliston

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Becoming a Breath Detective


Throughout the training, you’ll learn not only how to breathe effectively during your yoga practice but also recognise and cultivate healthy breathing habits beyond the mat. We’ll put on our “breath detective” hats to address widespread breathing dysfunctions and restore health and balance in everyday life.

Roots of Pranayama


This training aims to challenge common misconceptions about breathing prevalent in mainstream narratives. We’ll trace the historical shift in our understanding of healthy breathing in yoga, where practices evolved from natural, nose-breathing—to today’s normalisation of mouth-breathing and emphasis on big breaths, often leading to increased anxiety.

Sadhana: Embodied Awareness


The oxygen in the air we breathe, has a long journey to get to our cells. The human body contains around 60,000 miles of blood vessels through which oxygen travels, and for much of this extraordinary journey you’d expect we have little control. Yet, how we breath has a DRAMATIC effect.

Biochemistry of Respiration


We’ll delve into how current scientific understanding brings us closer to the original intent of pranayama, rooted in promoting functional breathing. Our journey begins with restoring healthy breathing patterns within ourselves to enhance our ability to retain and orchestrate prana within the body.


Who is this training for?
  • Yoga students seeking to enhance their yoga practice and overall well-being by cultivating healthy breathing both on and off the mat.
  • Individuals interested in exploring the subtle body and learning techniques to retain and enhance their prana (life force) and vitality.
  • Yoga teachers and professionals in mind-body healing, movement therapies, and bodywork (such as osteopaths, doctors, coaches, therapists, etc.) looking to integrate healthy breathing practices and scientifically-supported ancient wisdom into their offerings.
  • Those interested in developing a personalised daily breath sadhana (practice) tailored to their individual needs and goals.
  • Practitioners looking to elevate their movement practice by harnessing the power of breath to enhance strength, deepen physical openings, and promote energy flow.
  • Individuals seeking to incorporate breathwork as a meditative tool to calm the mind, still mental fluctuations, and cultivate inner peace and presence.


What is provided?
  • Course manual
  • Props to use for the weekend
  • Water & tea
  • Fruit and snacks


What do you need to bring?
  • Yoga mat (or use one of ours)
  • Water bottle (or use our glasses)
  • Mug for tea (or use our glasses)
  • Comfortable clothes to move in
  • Notebook and pen


Do I have to be a yoga teacher to do this training?
  • No! Anyone with an interest in exploring breathwork can complete this course.


Does this count toward the GSY 300hr Teacher Training
  • Yes! This counts as 25 hours of your 300 hour teacher training. You can also receive 25 hours of CE through Yoga Alliance for those registered.


  • 20+ days before course start date: 80% refund (excludes $100 admin fee)
  • 10-20 days before the course start date: 50% refund (excludes $100 admin fee)
  • 5-10 days before the course start date: 25% refund (excludes $100 admin fee)
  • 0 – 5 days before the course start date: No refund

If for extenuating circumstances you are unable to complete the course once you have commenced, the best course of action will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Brooke has dedicated the last decade to living and sharing yoga. Before 2020, she travelled the world, teaching workshops, retreats, festivals, and teacher trainings. Now, she enjoys life in Australia with her family and baby girl.


Brooke’s approach brings awareness to the subtleties and invisible undercurrents of the practice, guiding students into fine-tuned and detailed body awareness. Her “Full Body Yes” approach focuses on incremental awareness, inviting every part of the body to illuminate like the lights of a switchboard buzzing online.


Brooke has studied extensively and taught at a Tantric yoga university in Thailand, where she established the foundation of her energetic approach to teaching. She has since trained in other scientifically based approaches to breathwork and pranayama and is a certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor.


She started her monthly Breath Circle at the beginning of 2020 and is passionate about changing the mainstream narrative on breath in the yoga world, which is often at odds with both science and ancient teachings. Her approach is scientific, deeply connected to ancient teachings, and very embodied. Most of her students are dedicated practitioners or teachers who learn through somatics and the body. This makes her approach unique, powerful, and accessible.