300 Hour Teacher Training | Gertrude Street Yoga
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300 Hour Teacher Training

Gertrude Street Yoga’s Advanced 300 Hour Teacher Training is designed to build on your 200 Hour Teacher Training by continuing to strengthen your core teaching skills and techniques while simultaneously providing you the opportunity to dive more deeply into your specific areas of interest. It is unique in its approach because although there is a core required component, much of what is offered is elective, meaning you have the freedom to explore specifc areas of study in great depth.


Taught by a diverse range of Gertrude Street Yoga Teachers, the course provides instruction in the form of workshops, courses, weekend trainings, and retreats in the following areas of study:

Upcoming 300 Hour Offerings

Yin Yoga Teacher Training


with Jaspah Marques

Friday November 10 – Sunday November 12

30 hours


This 30 hour yin yoga teacher training with Jaspah offers a comprehensive exploration of yinyang theory, TCM 5 element theory, physical and energetic anatomy, yin meditation, and the tools and techniques needed to effectively practice and teach yin yoga.


Designed to support both yoga teachers interested in teaching yin yoga, and dedicated students looking to dive deeper into their own practice, the 3 day course provides a comprehensive and diverse experience including practices, lectures, group work, and teaching opportunities that will you feeling confident and inspired.


Prenatal Yoga Training


with Hannah Campos


50 hours




  • *200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training (prerequisite)
  • 50 Hour Advanced Core Module
  • 250 Hours Electives

To enrol in our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you must have completed a Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training.

This course is designed to be completed in an average of 3 yaers. It is possible that you could complete it faster if you take all of the offerings available and if you feel that you might need more time to complete the requirements please get in touch with us.



Gertrude Street Yoga Studio is a member of Yoga Alliance. The certificate that you will receive upon completion of our 300 Hour Teacher Training will make you eligible to register as a 500 – RYT with Yoga Alliance which is a globally recognised registration.




Once you apply and your application is approved you will receive a form to track your progress. When you have completed 300 hours of training you can submit the form via email for verification ([email protected]). You may count any eligible hours you have completed in the 6 months preceeding your application toward your 300 hours.

Upon verification you will receive your 300 Hour Teacher Training Graduation Certificate.



  • There is a $100 application fee which covers administration costs.
  • Each specific offering has its own cost and payment is made upon booking your place in each individual offering.
  • The total cost for completing 300 hours is approximately $5,500.